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Which type of visa do I need?

Upon each entry, care is taken to ensure that the actual reason for entry matches the type of visa issued. Some countries accept the entry of crew members with a business visa, some offer business visas with the purpose of a “crew member" travel. Contact us! We would be happy to help you recognize this essential difference in good time.

I currently have a valid visa for the destination country, but would like to apply for a visa using my second passport. What should I take into account?

As a rule, you should send us the visa or passport bearing a valid visa. It is not allowed to have two valid visas for one country, so before a new visa can be issued in another passport, the old (still valid) visa should be cancelled.

I would like to apply for a multi-year Russian visa. Is it possible and what are the requirements?

We would be happy to support you in applying for a multi-year Russian visa. Prerequisite for applying are two annual visas that have been issued and actually used in the last two years. The proof of this are the entry and exit stamps. 

If the old annual visas were issued in another passport, the copies of the corresponding visas should be submitted when applying for the multi-year visa.

Who can apply for a crew visa?

Сrew visas can be applied for by all aircraft or ship crew members. We offer visa procurement with the purpose of travel “crew member" for all EU citizens. All other nationalities will be processed upon request. 

Do I have to send all my documents to you?

We offer our customers an online order system that has been designed exclusively for business aviation customers. If you would like to apply for the visa through us, contact us and we will provide you with the required access data. You can have all the necessary documents uploaded in there, so all you have to do is send us the passport(s).